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CBD Alliance highlights fundamental principles in ongoing global biodiversity meet October 08,2012   |  Source: CBD Alliance

In its Opening Statement to the ongoing 11th Session of the Committee of Parties (COP11) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), being held at Hyderabad, India, the CBD Alliance urged Parties to uphold the triple objectives of CBD as the foundation for all aspects of the Convention: from elaboration of decisions to implementation to monitoring, evaluation and reporting.

In the Statement, the CBD Alliance strongly rejected any regression on these objectives in any new decisions, and in implementing the CBD, and the retirement of existing decisions that still require implementation.

The Alliance urged Parties to ensure that this is not happening and the following fundamental principles are reaffirmed throughout:

➢ The value of biodiversity and the conservation of life itself – well beyond placing a price tag on it.

➢ Sustainable use and equitable benefit-sharing

➢ The Precautionary Principle

➢ The ecosystem approach

➢ The vital role of women, and of traditional knowledge, livelihoods, institutions, and rights of the primary defenders of biodiversity: indigenous peoples and local communities, including fisherfolk, peasant farmers, and pastoralists.

On marine and coastal issues, the Statement underlined the importance of taking

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