Role of Women
Women play significant roles in all aspects of fisheries—both in the artisanal, small-scale sector and in the commercial sector—roles that remain unarticulated and unrecognized. Importantly, women’s roles span reproduction and production. Women’s reproductive roles are essential for nurturing and sustaining families and communities, and ensuring food security through fishing, food foraging, farming and related activities. The productive roles of women in fishing—collecting seaweed and other aquatic resources, processing and marketing the fish catch, making and repairing nets and gears, baiting longlines, helping in the preparation for fishing trips and in unloading and sorting the fish—contribute significantly to household incomes and local economies. With the monetization of the fishing sector, the productive role of women has, in some cases, been extended to include new activities, previously forbidden by gender norms. For instance, in some regions more women go fishing with their husbands or with other groups of women. In several countries of the North women are part of the commercial fishing sector, working as crew or skippers on industrial or family-owned vessels. Women also form a significant proportion of the workforce in industrial fish processing within the organized and unorganized sector, working for wages to sort, clean and process fish. The accompanying increase in work and incomes has not always resulted in increase in women’s status within families and communities. Often, in keeping with prevailing patriarchal norms, the control of resources remains vested in men. In many cases, diversification and increase in roles has only meant an increase in women’s labour. The papers in this section provide descriptive, detailed and in cases, ethnographic information on the work women do in fisheries, and the impact of changes within the sector on women’s work and roles in the fisheries.
Di Ciommo, Regina C. and Alexandre Schiavetti. Women participation in the management of a Marine Protected Area in Brazil. Ocean & Coastal Management 62 (2012) 15e23. doi:10.1016/j.ocecoaman.2012.02.010
  • :Role of Women,Social Issues in MPAs,Women and Resources Management
  • :Brazil

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